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What makes for a good Gym

Good gyms are hard to describe, but when you come across one, you know. If you travel often, you have probably stayed at dozens of hotels with gyms, and let’s face it: Most are not that good. They either severely lack equipment, are too small to navigate, or have a few pairs of light dumbbells. In many cases, it is a combination of different things.

The question is, what makes for a good gym, objectively speaking? Let’s see.

1. It aligns with your Goals

There are different types of gyms out there, and for a gym to be right for you, it needs to align with your goals. For example, there are hundreds of fantastic powerlifting gyms out there. But if you do not aspire to become a powerlifter, none of them will be good for you.

So, the overall environment of the gym is essential to note.

2. It offers various pieces of Equipment

Many gyms lack essential equipment like benches, squat racks, barbells, weight plates, heavy enough dumbbells, and useful machines like the leg press.

This is the most obvious thing you need to look for in a gym: does it have the equipment you enjoy using? If some pieces are lacking, does it offer substitutes?

3. It is spacious enough

Some gyms have all the equipment you will ever need for a good workout, yet they severely lack free space to move around, warm-up, stretch, and do various exercises.

This is particularly true for hotel gyms, as they are often small, and their owners cram a lot of equipment with little regard for space to move around.

4. It has enough Equipment and several units of certain Pieces

Some gyms seemingly have everything you will ever need for a good workout. But then, as you start your training and find yourself looking for a barbell to do some rows, you realize that the gym only offers one barbell. Even worse, four other people are waiting for it.

Certain pieces of equipment (such as dumbbells, kettlebells, EZ-bars, standard barbells, adjustable benches, and weight plates) are high commodities. A good gym will have multiple to ensure that each member can train uninterrupted.

5. The Gym is clean and well-maintained

We have all been there before: Walking into a gym that wreaks of sweat and has nothing but rusty equipment. But, aside from the apparent filth that repels us, this gym also screams of something: Its owners do not care about customer experience and do not invest any money into their business. Therefore, even if the gym itself is spacious, offers numerous equipment types, and aligns with your goals, you should not use it if it is not clean.

6. The staff is helpful and competent

The most amazing gym in the world will always fall short if the staff is rude and unresponsive. The truth is, customer service is vital. If you walk into a gym and the staff is rude, that can ruin the whole training experience. So, one vital element of any gym is the quality of its staff.

But it is not only about the staff. The overall “vibe” should be positive, friendly and welcoming. This also requires the other gym members (and of course, also yourself) to follow a few rules when training in a public gym.

To conclude, how can you find a good hotel gym?

First of all, you want to define what is good for you. What equipment do you expect in a hotel gym? Which type of workout do you want to perform? Then, lock up your hotel’s GymFactor on The GymFactor is a state-of-the-art gym advisor tool.

You can also explore the top hotel gyms suggested by GymFactor and choose the best suits your needs. Our GymFactor is not just a label a hotel can buy; this is a label type of award to earn. Some of the main parameters that affect the GymFactor label are:

Heavy Weights
Variety of Equipment
Type of Cardio and Workout Machines
Equipment Maintenance and Cleanliness
Opening Hours

If you can not find your hotel on our list, do not hesitate to request a review. Our mission is to ensure every person on the planet stays fit and healthy – even while traveling.

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